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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

si A dan si B

Tidaklah lahir seorang bayi melainkan lahirnya dia itu di atas fitrah. Maka kedua ibu bapalah yang menjadikan anak itu Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi…

A: Can I ask u a favor?
B: Huh?Sure. Why not. If it it’s not personal..he3.
A: It’s quite personal, I guess. Its ok if u don’t want to.
B:, I’m in a good mood. In the very pink of health i’d say. He3. Don’t worry.
A: Ok then. Let us get this straight. Uhm..U like him so much,don’t u? I mean, the character?
B: Yeah. Of course. Haha..It some kind of funny isn’t it?
A: at all (myb a bit)^^.Then, can u tell me which part do u like him the most?
B: Well, he’s energetic, always in high spirit, serious,yellow-hair(he3).. and the most important thing is, he’ll never give up!
A: Alright then, I just want u to mention some of the bad habits, I mean sumthin’ that is negative, which should not be taken as a good examples?
B: Owh.. That’s question is sumkinda cool. I lke it. Uhm..ok ..let’s see, yeah, mybe, his a bit clumsy, stubborn, in some situation, he refused to take account some of his friend’s opinion. He likes to make his own decision. To be a ‘lone ranger’ I guess.
A: Selfish? Ego?
B: Yeah. That’s 70% correct. Wait a sec, why do u actually ask me all this stuff? U don’t seem to be the one who interested in this kind of hobby, don’t u?
A: Yes, I’m sorry. I just worried about my little brother. He has the same kinda interest like u. it just happened to cross my mind to ask u all these question. Perhaps, it can help me to pay more attention on him after this.
B: What’s wrong with your little brother?
A: Well. He seemed to be acting a little bit weird lately. Quite stubborn, big-headed. Like the character.^^ But it seems u r not like him even though u like the character so much. I just keep wondering.
B: Take what is good, no the bad ones. For me, it’s just a part of a little inspiration, I guess.
A: Yeah. Ur absolutely correct. Thank u so much. I really appreciate it. Jazakallah.
Ikhwan Ahmadi: sat..sapa karakter tu???

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